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Orange kitty in a sweater

Mission Statement

PurrPoseful Art Studio is a socially responsible brand. We are dedicated to donating 100% of the proceeds from our fundraising benefit to local animal rescue organizations. We believe in changing lives with the power of art. 

Man's best friend dog

Core Values

Our Very Foundation...

1. Leadership: Courage to shape a better future.

2. Integrity: Genuine and Authentic in everything we do. 


3. Commitment: Consistently come from a place of contribution.


4. Passion:  It's what drives us to 

build a legacy for the next generation. 

Funny Pitbull Portrait


Humane Education

Humane Education is defined as the teaching of respect, compassion and empathy for all animals. Understanding empathy and compassion for our furry and/or not so furry friends, not only benefits the animals of the world, but it also builds character and helps our children develop into well-rounded human beings that approach the world with a concern and respect for others. 

Cruelty Free


Living cruelty-free means making decisions, as far as practicable and possible, that avoid the exploitation of humans, animals, and the planet.


Photograph of goats outside

Why The Arts?

Art satisfies a deep need to communicate. Through art, children have the opportunity to be heard. 

Art makes it personal. There are a lot of emotions involved in humane education topics. Art allows children access to those emotions and communicates those feelings to others in beautiful and compelling ways.

Art frees us from the limiting mechanisms of verbal communication. Some of the most shy and reserved youth can astound us with their depth of understanding and concern when given the opportunity.

Art encourages critical thinking. How can art change the world? How can I change the world through my art? 

Art facilitates genuine empowerment. Students who use their art for social change come from a place of contribution and naturally feel empowered.

Art makes people notice. Art has a way of conveying information and making people stop to take that information in.

Art makes this content more inclusive.  Art helps pull in those who might otherwise only show a peripheral interest in the issue at hand.

See HEART for a complete list.

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